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The Garden of Hesperides is a sound installation addressing the entanglement of cultural narratives, architecture and nature through the contextual relations and symbolic histories of Orangeries. Characteristic elements and materials from their beginning – through the “Golden Age of Orangeries,” up until the present day – are interpreted as acoustic sources and surfaces with resonance. As spaces and sources that both hear and listen. These investigated versions of the Orangery’s cultural and colonial history as well as their imagined self are to be presented as sound collages, as listening stations and as audio walks in public space. The first version of The Garden of Hesperides was presented in the Vierte Welt in 2018. The second version will take place in June 2021 as a commission from Kontraklang.

The Garden of Hesperides is one chapter in an ongoing research surrounding the narrative and history of oranges called how do the smell of oranges sound? (2016-) This ongoing research is in collaboration with the radio and sound artist Christina Ertl-Shirley (https://c-e-s-c-e-s.tumblr.com/). This project has been supported by Initiative Neue Musik, Labor Sonor and Kontraklang.
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