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beyond beyond explores the role of the soundscape in space: listening to narratives, (dis-)placements and our imaginings of land in specific relation to sites of extraction, of exposure, of submerging, of weathering, and beyond. these findings are presented in the form of a shared sonic installation space with live performances and interventions. in this framework, beyond beyond functions as a temporal space for sound to meet different surfaces. surfaces that listen, absorb and reflect.

what is told,
what is heard,
what activates active listening?

live performances and/or collaborators of beyond beyond are: catalina insignares, carolina mendonça, bettina malcomess, baptiste moulin, marc phillip gabriel, mitchell gilbert messina, kathleen chen, jasmine guffond, julia reidy, farah hatam, colin hacklander, simnikwe buhlungu, nara virgens, mars dietz and hilà lahav.

funded by musikfonds e.V. (2019) and Initiative Neue Musik (2021)

the first edition of beyond beyond took place in 2019 in KuLe. 
the second edition took place in July 2021 on the Spree river at PAS and in ausland.

performance by HATAM :
Tellurian Lube
performance by Jasmine Guffond and Julia Reidy : remote listening
performance by Mars Dietz :
shred the means
performance by Hilà Lahav : windways
photo by Eduardo Mamede
performance by Catalina Insignares, Carolina Mendonça, Gretchen Blegen.
Beyond Beyond – Watch for Water!

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