gretchen blegen is an interdisciplinary artist navigating ways of seeing and hearing space, light, sound and image. [as they develop over time]. these boundaries are explored through an ongoing book practice as well as in the broader realm of (project–)spaces. the overlapping of practices coincides with overlapping visions – ways of understanding and/or mirroring the realities both in view of and beyond our trajectories. in the last years, these practices have found themselves intermingling. working with visuals, installation, light and sound, her work is putting an emphasis on the creation and intention behind transforming, occupying and sharing a space with all collaborators and with an audience. through these different lenses there is a possibility of re-worlding, and through re-worlding there is an understanding that societal states, political states and ephemeral states are indeed that: states. in this, they are always in flux and thus the histories that belong to such are continually changing and waiting to be re-told, to be felt in a new light. 

parallel to her own work and of equal importance is her involvement in collective structures supporting artistic thought and areas of exchange. some of these(still) existing spaces are ausland - an artistic venue and residency space in Berlin, Germany; SissiFM - a queer/feminist radio show on Reboot FM and Titwrench music and performance festival in Denver, Colorado. gretchen often works in collaboration with other artists and thinkers across disciplines. coming together, sharing and creating tools for exchange is important in both her artistic practice and way of being in the world. to find a list of past and present collaborators and inspiring beings, please visit PLACE.

in the last years, her works has been support by Hauptstadtkulturfonds (HKF), Initiative Neue Musik (INM), Musikfonds e.V., Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa, Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin - Amt für Weiterbildung und Kultur - Fachbereich Kunst und Kultur, Centre for the Less Good Idea (Johannesburg), Sonoscopia (Porto) and Elektronmusikstudion EMS (Stockholm).

she is from colorado, USA and currently lives in berlin, germany.

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photo credit: eduardo mamede
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